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With more than a billion identities exposed through data breaches, there’s never been a greater need for cybersecurity experts. Which means companies are looking to fill cybersecurity jobs to fill. As a new report from security firm Symantec highlights, cyberattackers are using more sophisticated methods to breach defenses, and increasingly making a very comfortable living.

When people like Kevin Haley, director of Symantec Security Response, tell NBC News that the “bad guys” are managing “to fool us in new and different ways,” it’s hardly surprising enterprises are willing to pay handsomely to attract the best cybersecurity talent.

Here, we list four of the best-remunerated cybersecurity jobs.4 Top High-paying Jobs in Cybersecurity

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

The top of the tree in the cybersecurity world is this C-suite leadership role. A business’s most valuable commodity is its data: the information it has learned, gathered, analyzed and used to underpin key decisions. It is the CISO’s job to protect these assets by making sure cybersecurity jobs are being met by the right professional. Combining technical know-how, soft skills such as collaboration with partner agencies, and the ability to keep a cool head in the most demanding situations, a CISO is an architect of best practices and a key troubleshooter.

Be inspired by: Devon Bryan. The former U.S. Air Force lead network engineer had a baptism by fire when he joined the Federal Reserve System as CISO in 2016. A breach at his new employer meant cyberattackers could steal more than $100 million from an account belonging to Bangladesh’s central bank.

After devising a watertight information security program to ensure such a breach never happened again, Bryan has sought to increase diversity in the cybersecurity sector by founding the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals.

Salary range: $89,555 to $243,372

Global Information Security Director (GISD)

Identifying threats and emerging hacking techniques before they strike is just one string in the GISD’s bow. The person to take over this cybersecurity job must also coordinate an effective response should something malicious slip through the net, and devise and maintain information security projects. Working knowledge of topics such as healthcare, finance or legal and relevant regulations may also be required.

Be inspired by: Sean Tierney. As director of threat intelligence at Infoblox, he works with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to spot and plan for new cyber threats. One of his tips for success is deep knowledge of fields as diverse as data networks or operating systems. “The thing that will make you good at security is that you are great at something else first,” he told

Salary range: $40,530 to $151,638

Senior Security Analyst (SSA)

Whether freelance or staffer, an experienced security analyst can command an excellent rate. Working within specialist cybersecurity teams to form effective strategies, they must understand the raft of available enterprise security solutions, best practices and specific industry regulations.

Be inspired by: Bob Carver. His role at Verizon Wireless perfectly highlights the multifaceted demands an SSA faces. As well as overseeing the security incident response team, monitoring dozens of botnets and acting as project manager, Carver is also in demand as an expert on everything from banking breaches to internet of things integrity.

Salary range: $51,518 to $126,021

Senior Information Security Engineer (SISE)

SISEs are responsible for the mechanics of information security. They audit code, operating environments and procedures for fallibilities. They also secure any information channel used by an organization, whether it’s video-conferencing systems, telephony or email servers.

Be inspired by: Julius Clark. The Bank of America SISE counts his abilities to communicate and build bridges with every area of his organization as among his most important. These skills also saw him named as one of the top 100 information security influencers by Onalytica in 2016.

Salary range: $73,609 to $148,171

These are just a few high-paying security jobs you might reach for someday. The salary for cybersecurity roles is only set to rise, as the cybersecurity industry is expected to swell to $175 billion in 2020, up from $75 billion in 2015.

If you’re inspired by the leaders and salaries described here, consider building your cybersecurity career roadmap.

4 Top High-paying Jobs in Cybersecurity
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4 Top High-paying Jobs in Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity jobs offer problem-solvers ways to do well while doing good. Check out these four high-paying roles in this growing sector.