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What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is a new buzz word for many. But what is cybersecurity?  Cybersecurity refers to the processes and technologies that protect digital networks from data breaches or cyber threats. Cybersecurity is utilized across all digital platforms in both private and public sectors.

As the cyber world continues to grow and mature, technology is used across a variety of platforms for tasks such as finding information, sharing information, social networking, banking, and more. With multiple ways to access information like personal computers, tablets, and smartphones, information is more readily available at our finger tips. Along with this growth, many corporations are going through extensive efforts to protect their information with an increase in threats from hackers who are trying to access or steal information on both corporate and personal levels. In order to prevent data breaches, many big companies have invested in resources to make cybersecurity a number one priority.

What is Cyber Security? It’s Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device.

Black and white graphic showing a keyboard, specifically a key that says security, and a globe.

What is Cyber Security? As technology devices and platforms become more accessible in both personal and professional worlds, corporations are developing processes and standards to protect internal and external data. As technologies grow, the threats from hackers trying to get or steal corporate and private data is also growing. Data breaches can cost corporations millions of dollars to resolve and becoming pro-active with cybersecurity strategies is a top priority for most companies.  Government organizations have also expanded their oversight into the cyber field, allotting billions of dollars for cybersecurity efforts in recent years.

Cyber Technologies

What is Cyber Security? Many different technologies play a role when it comes to protecting individuals and corporations from cyber attacks. Some of those technologies include firewalls, antivirus software, strong password education, and advanced threat detection.

Technology isn’t the only element in successfully protecting against cyber threats.  The human element can also be a factor in preventing cyber threats and attached.  Though it is only a small chance, hackers could gain access to a company’s technology by utilizing a human’s weak spot.  It is important that all preventative cybersecurity measures include technological and human elements in the plan.

What is cyber security? Learn more about cyber security and the processes and technologies used to protect digital networks from data breaches or threats.

Protect Your Devices

Whether you’re using your company network or your personal smart phone it has become essential to protect devices from cyber threats.

Beyond Antivirus

Today antivirus protection is not enough. Systems need to be protected against phishing, ransomware, malware and more.

Security Awareness

Companies are spending lots of money educating users on what to do and what not to when it comes to cybersecurity.

Government Spending

The government has also been allotted billions of dollars for increased cybersecurity protection in recent years.

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