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Why Cybersecurity is Important Today

As advancing technologies and smart devices become more widely available, and the more society adopts digital alternatives, the more important it is for sensitive data to be protected.

Consider these daily activities that you may participate in:

  • Completing an online transaction with a credit card
  • Using your phone to store your credit card information (and pay-by-phone at checkout)
  • Surfing the internet without using the incognito function
  • Signing up for an email list
  • Applying for a credit card online

These simple tasks may seem harmless. However, there is no guarantee the technology you’re using is private and secure from outsiders who might want to use, and even sell your information. These types of breaches happen daily on an individual and organizational scale

Reports showing trends in cyber threats

Show that in the last year threat levels have increased from 25 threats a day to almost 500,000 a day.  This statistic shows the importance of having cybersecurity measures in place to fight such attacks. Without vigilance, cybersecurity challenges can become harmful to your infrastructure.  It is important to understand your risk.

Graphic showing a hand dropping a piece of paper in a box and a shield.

Protect Your Information

Graphic showing a computer screen with a globe on it in front of a brick wall with fire.

Your personal information is scattered across multiple platforms and digital locations.

How to Protect?

Prevent Reputation Risk

Graphic showing a fingerprint, lock, cloud and binary code surrounding a laptop with a screen showing a login form.

Cyber breaches can lead to significant reputational or financial risk for the company.

See Major Attacks

First Line of Defense

Graphic showing a shield that has points going to a lock, paper airplane, umbrella, caution cone, envelope, check mark, and eye.

Cybersecurity is a first line of defense in protecting company’s or individual’s data.

How to Defend?