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Cybersecurity: How to Defend

Cybersecurity is about defending your systems just as much, if not more so, than it is about securing it. The increase in global cyber attacks has individuals, organizations and governments on high alert so it is critical to be up to date with existing tools, knowledge and skills.

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Top 5 Cyber Threats

  1. Malware – Software that is intended to damage or disable computers and their attached systems
  2. Phishing – Activity that defrauds an online account holder of financial information by posing as a legitimate organization
  3. Data Leakage – The unauthorized transfer of classified information from a computer or datacenter to an external environment
  4. Hacking – Unauthorized access to data or an entire data system
  5. Spam – Irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent digitally to a large number of recipients; often carrying malware

Threats Outnumber Enterprise Cyber Defenses

CyberEdge Group’s recently published 2016 Cyberthreat Defense Report shows how organizations across the globe are dragging in the battle against cyber crime. This infographic shows:

  • Average organizational spend
  • Typical defense measures in place
  • Tools used for defending against internal and external threats
  • Organizational cyber strategy: Weaknesses and strengths