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Leading Women in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity, one of the fastest growing technology fields today, marked by a zero percent unemployment rate, with a significant shortfall of talented professionals, surprisingly has only 11% of the workforce represented by females globally, a statistic that has been stagnant since 2013. As industry leaders continue expansion efforts in recruitment of key talent, here are 3 [...]

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Top 6 Skills You Need for a Career in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand across a wide range of industries. That’s why it pays to invest in building the cybersecurity skills you’ll need to set up a lucrative, long-term career. Demand for cybersecurity professionals is up across industries as organizations seek protection against the ever-increasing threat of cyber crime. According to a 2015 report by Burning Glass Technologies, demand for cybersecurity professionals [...]

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Attracting and Retaining Women in Cybersecurity: A Q&A with Jane Frankland

Is the lack of diversity in cybersecurity actually making us less secure? Jane Frankland of Cyber Security Capital believes so. She shares her insights on how more diversity in the information security sector can mitigate risks. Jane Frankland of Cyber Security Capital It’s well-documented that the tech industry has struggled with improving diversity in its [...]

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Can Security Measures Go Too Far?

With such precision focus on cyber security among businesses over the past several years, it’s understandable that many are taking security to a new level. But what happens when passwords, authentication, and other methods become too cumbersome? Can there actually be such a thing as too much security – or should businesses always err on the side of caution? With cyber security issues plaguing [...]

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Confirming Security: Project Zero

Symantec has been a leading name in the security sector for the last 15 years with wide success in enterprise security. The company is most recognizable through its consumer side, Norton anti-virus software. With so much prestige in the market it may be surprising to know that Project Zero, a Google-sponsored group of security analysts, have [...]

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Investing in a Career in Cyber

Many college graduates naturally worry about employment prospects upon graduation, and rightly so, given the generally soft employment figures of the last decade, particularly since the crash of ’08. If you are like the majority of graduating seniors who had to use loans to pay for your education, then thinking like a long term investor [...]

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Why Cyber Security Professionals Want You To Know to Protect Yourself Online

Computer Security: Find Out What Cyber Security Professionals Recommend to Stay Safe Online The Cyber Security industry is in high demand for good reason. Computer security has become even more important as everyone is somehow connected to the internet. Every person who uses electronic devices needs to interact securely with the external world in order [...]

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Surveillance: How Much is Too Much?

Scandal gripped the nation of Peru in 2015 when it was discovered that then vice-president and some congressmen were victims of domestic intelligence agency spying. Journalistic investigations learned how the Peruvian intelligence agency had collected data on hundreds of prominent citizens. Public outrage led to congressional censure and the prompt ousting of Peruvian Prime Minister [...]

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The Snowden Phone

Controversial NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, teamed up with Andrew “Bunnie” Huang, a hacker currently suing the US Department of Justice challenging provisions in the Section 1201 of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, to create a phone case that can aid in countering digital surveillance. According to the US legal theory surrounding 4th Amendment law termed [...]

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Pay to Play: Ransomware Hacking

Europol, the EU's law enforcement, has teamed up with Russian-based Kaspersky Lab and U.S. tech giant Intel to take strong action against the proliferation of ransomware attacks. Dubbed No More Ransom this cooperation of IT security companies and international law enforcement represent a major step in dealing with ransomware’s massive upswing. Kaspersky Lab research provides that [...]

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