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Cybersecurity is a booming field for white-hat wearing digital sleuths. The industry is worth an estimated $655 billion and that number will only increase.

There is still more to the world that is in the process of being digitized. Information is being stored online, on cloud servers, networks, and personal computers. And that information is only getting more sensitive, and more valuable.

That makes cybercrime a lucrative endeavor, although it is illegal. And the more cybercriminals find ways to access systems and reap valuable information, the more valuable cybersecurity professionals become. Information security specialists have a bright future ahead.

That means now is a perfect time to consider a career in it. It’s also the perfect time to time-hardened cybersecurity veterans to pick up new tricks. Tech is constantly changing, and cybersecurity is constantly a frontrunner of that change.

Keep reading to learn more about what an information security specialist does, and to understand why it is such a valuable

A Job In Every Industry

Information is stored on digital systems in nearly every industry. This means that information security specialist employability is sky-high. No matter where they turn, cybersecurity professionals can find work somewhere.

That’s because they protect the most valuable resource businesses have today. A company’s information is its lifeblood – the more security a company has for it’s information, the better off it is.

However, the more information a company collects the more attractive it is hackers. That means cybersecurity professionals working for large companies have a lot on their plates. They are responsible for handling some of the most sensitive aspects of any business.

There’s a reason the recent Facebook hack sent stocks falling. It illustrated to people that the company could not protect itself, much less its users.

Like the Digital Police, Information Security Specialists Keep People Safe

It is no easy task keeping people safe online. The online landscape is like the wild west, everyone for themselves. That’s what makes cybersecurity such a valuable field. Information security specialists protect people.

They work in a rapidly changing, wild, but very important field. It can get dirty, takes hard work, but has become necessary so people can go about their lives.

There are real consequences to having your data compromised. Identity thieves can ruin a person’s financial standing. Losing personal email addresses can lead to having actual addresses revealed. Even worse can happen than having your identity stolen after a data breach.

Cybersecurity professionals help the digital world keep moving like normal. They keep people who would hurt ordinary users at bay, and they keep platforms safe and usable.

They are Generously Compensated

All this means that they take home a lot of compensation for their work. As of 2018, they can expect around $95,000 per year.

The high number comes as a result of two things. First, their work is rare and valuable. The online world would be a much more dangerous place without them. Second, they work for even wealthier industries.

They truly find their value in the financial sector. Banks hold some of the most private information people have, and hire only the best to protect it. Since they have so much familiarity with technology, cybersecurity professionals can also pivot careers easily.

As the fintech industries start to blossom, cybersecurity professionals may find an opportunity step in. Since many works with finance, they can merge their learned skills in tech and their experience in finance. That can result in some of the most innovative inventions that are changing the financial industry.

A familiarity with technology security can also be a huge advantage for business leaders. Now that crypto markets hit the mainstream, businesses are clamoring for leaders who understand the tech behind it. It takes time to gather the sort of qualifications necessary to become a business leader.

Yet, information security specialists are probably used to it.

Specialists Take Years to Build Qualifications

Cybersecurity specialists typically need two qualifications to be considered for employment:

  • A computer-related bachelor’s degree
  • At least 1 year of experience

That is just to be considered, though. The professionals that get hired have high-level communication skills. They are able to talk about high-level problems in a way that other people can understand.

They’re also skilled in picking out vulnerabilities before anyone else. The professionals that get hired think like a hacker. Most of their day should be spent on how a system can get exploited. This way, the professional will have an opportunity to patch before the hackers realize the same thing.

It Takes a Certain Type of Person…

Information security specialists are not for the faint of heart. They have highly stressful jobs that require them to be ‘on’ almost all the time.

An attack can happen at any time on any system. It can happen in any way, whether externally by hackers or internally by someone working for the company. Cybersecurity professionals must be available to meet those challenges immediately.

Not only is the job involve a lot of stress and time, but it also requires a person to be a little paranoid. They are paid to think that anyone can try to penetrate the company’s system, at any time. People in these fields think that anyone can be a threat.

Since cybersecurity is more than just code, a career in it also involves learning about people. Cybersecurity professionals need to be able to tell who is trustworthy with information. They need to understand how to know who should be allowed access to specific systems.

As the gatekeepers of company information, they need be able to tell who should be allowed access and shouldn’t be.

… But Anyone Can Become an Information Security Specialist

While the field can sound hard to get into, it really isn’t. Any computer-related degree is sufficient to break into the field. And getting that first year of experience can be done with an internship.

People can also learn how to see people the way a cybersecurity professional does. While it may seem like naturally trusting people may be bad matches for the field, that isn’t true. They’re actually good picks since they give people a chance.

Naturally paranoid information security specialists can drive the company to a halt. But trusting ones let people into the systems they need. This means they help get things done at the company.

They’re invaluable assets to all industries, and pursuing a career in one will open many opportunities for anyone. And if they want to change careers, all they’ll need is information on how to do so.

That’s where we come in. Our website will help you navigate a career change towards finance so that you can start making a difference in a new industry. Please take a minute to look at careers on our website to get started!