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Your Roadmap to a Career in Cybersecurity

In the last 10 years, advances in technology have led to newly created job roles within the tech sector. These new roles tend to incorporate responsibilities around big data, data analytics, and the security of data.

As cybersecurity becomes more buzzworthy, statistics and surveys demonstrate the increasing need for cybersecurity professionals. According to the University of South Florida, while demand for cybersecurity jobs is growing at 12 times the overall job market, 40% percent of junior-level security jobs are vacant. At the senior and manager level, there are job  vacancy rates of more than 50%.

Once you have decided to pursue a career in cybersecurity, the checklist below can guide you along your path to success.

Earning an undergraduate degree in computer science or information systems will serve as a solid foundation to build on specializations within this industry. To learn more about our degree programs, check out our degree page.

According to the University of South Florida, the demand for cybersecurity jobs is growing at 12 times the overall job market. Having a degree in cybersecurity will give you the upper hand when when advancing your education and furthering your career path.  Graduates of cybersecurity programs are well on their way to a rewarding, stable, and well paying career. To explore cybersecurity degree programs, check our degree programs page.

Choose a focus within cybersecurity and become an expert in that area. For example, if you want to become an expert in Microsoft security you must first become an expert in Microsoft servers. Don’t try to be a master of every technology or program, but do become an expert in at least one. To learn about the skills needed in the cyber industry, you can take this test from ISACA.
Having solid foundation in networking, systems administration, database management, or web applications will provide a solid foundation for your cybersecurity education.

Earning a professional certification will help to show you have mastered the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm to be in the cybersecurity industry. Learn more about professional cyber certifications on our professional certifications page.

As the cybersecurity field changes with new developments in technology, it is vital for a cybersecurity professional to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news. Cyber threats are a major concern worldwide with new types of cyber attacks happening every day. Stay current with the latest news in the cybersecurity industry with our cybersecurity blogs page.
As the cyber field changes, you must be willing to work in a fast-paced environments that may include unpredictability when it comes to work hours and scope of work.
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