What It Takes to Be a Cybersecurity Executive

For professionals looking to advance their cybersecurity career and make it to the executive level, technical skills and managerial experience alone aren’t enough to make it to the top. Cybersecurity is a business issue, not just a technology issue, and those who make it to the C-Suite must have the necessary leadership, operational and strategic [...]

In Cybercrime Fight, CIA Hacking Isn’t a Big Worry – Simple Mistakes Are

When reports surfaced recently that U.S. federal agencies have the ability to spy on ordinary users via phones, TV sets and other online devices, outrage over "CIA hacking" sounded across the web. But why were so many people surprised? Global cybercrime makes headlines with increasing regularity, from the now-infamous Target breach in 2013 to the newly discovered hack of 1 billion Yahoo accounts (the [...]

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The Big Five Cybersecurity Risks Facing Smart Cities

Today’s smart cities may be underprepared for a range of cybersecurity risks, and must address key vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them. As cities rapidly deploy connected devices and big data to create “smart” networks, from sophisticated mass transit networks to computerized water supply systems, they are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. That’s because many [...]

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A New Kind of Crime: The Cyber Criminal

The Cyber Criminal Think of the name Al Capone. You may associate him with a tommy gun or remember an anecdote someone told you about his life in Chicago. Point made – you know the name if asked. Now think of the name Albert Gonzalez. It might not come as easily. Albert Gonzalez was a [...]

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