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Current Cyber Attack Landscape

It seems that the only thing foreseeable about cyber attacks is that they are often not foreseeable. Despite the high-tech cybersecurity measures offered today, various business and government entities are struggling to combat cyber threats, especially when advanced versions can bypass security controls.

iStock_000068635595_LargeThe threat landscape has evolved, as cyber threats have outpaced traditional signature-based security defenses, such as antivirus, and permeating around the world,” says FireEye CEO David DeWalt, “enabling cybercriminals to easily evade detection and establish connections inside the perimeter of major organizations.”

Whether classified as cyber crime, hacktivism, cyber espionage or cyber warfare, cyber attacks have increased significantly in numbers and damage with no signs of slowing down. On a global scale, cybercrime is expected to account for $575 billion worth of damage in 2016 alone.

Businesses are being forced to shift to more aggressive cybersecurity strategies as a means to avoid having all of their important information stolen and becoming a media embarrassment. Demand for cybersecurity services has increased tremendously in response to major cyber attacks and data breaches. As a result, the cybersecurity industry is showing explosive growth.

The Role of Cyber Security Professionals

Substantial cyber attacks like the ones listed above are often unique and unprecedented, which is why they are successful. They involved strategies and techniques that the victims did not yet know even existed. Antivirus software will only defend against malware that is already known, so simply installing and maintaining AV software is not enough. This is why many companies are hiring cybersecurity professionals, whose job it is to anticipate and defend against new threats.

Cloud shaped set of icons with symbols of services, activities and data of an networked system. Communicating through the Internet of Things. Cloud computing system is connected to the internet cyberspace through paths and vectors like in an electronic circuit board. White symbols on blue background. Copy space. All icons were expressly designed for these illustrations.In a recent article titled “The Nature of Cybersecurity and Strategies for Unprecedented Cyber Attacks,” cybersecurity lawyer Shawn Tuma states that cybersecurity is not a science but an art. It is a question of knowledge, experience and judgment. There are times when cybersecurity professionals will fail, but there are also times when they will prevail when many would not have. And while it is an extremely challenging and thankless field, it is the nature of the security process.

Regardless of the challenges, a career in cybersecurity can offer long-term job security, especially in an environment where cyber crime has become one of the biggest threats to companies and governments around the globe.

Major Cyber Attacks Q1 2016

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Today’s most common cyber crimes consist of compromised credit card data, which translates into the increasing importance of consumer awareness of what makes a website secure. But cyber crime and hacks happen for a number of reasons, not just to compromise credit cards. For organizations, having the knowledge to recognize a strongly built site and leading a team in doing so is vital to success.

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