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Cybersecurity Bachelor & Certificate Programs to Jump Start Your Career

Focus and Foresight. Preparation and problem-solving. Analytics and investigation. Details and Diagnoses. These are all qualities and skills you can learn and develop as you pursue a cyber security degree.

Cybersecurity training from Grantham could be your first step into the booming information technology industry. Whether you are pursuing a cybersecurity job in the military or for a corporation, a cyber security degree can equip people, like you, to combat the many security issues that come with technology.

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Learn more about Grantham University’s cybersecurity degree programs.

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Bachelor’s Programs
Online Certificates

Online Bachelors of Art Degrees

BS in Cybersecurity

Prepare for a career applying the technologies and procedures needed to secure information systems. Grantham University’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security will give you the cyber security information you need to identify security risks and create effective strategies to stop them. You will also discover how information systems security is essential to organizational success.

What will I learn in this online Cyber Security degree program?

Your curriculum focuses on operating systems, computer architectures, networking protocols and security basics. After graduation, you will possess the knowledge to analyze the role of security within an organization, as well as educate employees within the business about their security responsibilities.

Plus, you’ll be prepared to sit for industry-standard certifications in Network+, Security+ and CISSP, where otherwise qualified.

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How long is this online Cybersecurity bachelor’s degree program?

At 122 credit hours, your accredited online cyber security degree program is designed to be completed in 38 months. It could take less time depending on how much transfer credit you receive and how many classes you take every term.

Grantham University’s 100% online coursework is designed to help you prepare for success in your career. While enrolled in the online cybersecurity degree program, your curriculum will look like this:

Program Core Credits: 68
General Education Core Credits: 24
Electives Credits: 30
Total Credit Hours: 122
Accreditation(s): DEAC
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Online Certificate Programs

Undergraduate Certificates

More than 1.9 million records are lost or stolen every single day1. With every hack, breach and cyberattack, the need for educated and qualified online security experts becomes more pressing. Make your start in this rapid-growth industry with a certificate in Cybersecurity Concepts from 100% online Grantham University.

What will I learn in this online cyber security training program?

What is cyber security? It’s what protects the heart of our information-age civilization. Learn the principles, practices, policies and standards for securing information. Use hands-on simulations and virtual labs to learn how to configure and secure computer networks. Take practice exams to prepare for CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certification exams.

The Advanced Cybersecurity program is designed to help you become a cybersecurity professional by focusing on areas associated with the CISSP certification, including risk management and mitigation, access control and authorization methods, disaster recovery practices and standards, social engineering, cryptography, and legal implications.

What will I learn?

You’ll go beyond Network+ and Security+ into areas associated with the CISSP certification, such as risk management and mitigation, access control and authorization methods, disaster recovery practices and standards, social engineering, cryptography and legal implications. And you’ll get hands-on exposure to security scenarios through standard tools and virtual labs.

For more information on the online certificate options offered and to request a free program brochure, click the button below.

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