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Master’s Degrees

University of Delaware

Master of Science in Cybersecurity

The University of Delaware’s online master of science in cybersecurity provides the foundational theory and hands-on skills you need to address these critical issues touching every part of our world.

This 100 percent online program prepares you with real-life scenarios of modern cyber threats. As a graduate, you will be at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry and prepared to engineer and execute sophisticated solutions that protect global systems and infrastructure.

In this 30-credit program you will:

  • Focus on engineering of secure software and systems
  • Learn from active practitioners with strong corporate and military experience
  • Advance your skills with an institution that is leading the field with its Cybersecurity Initiative, a center for research, training and partnerships

Position yourself at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry prepared to meet our biggest cybersecurity challenges now and in the future.

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Regis University

Master of Science in Information Assurance

Gain the tools and skills needed to keep online information safe from threats and attacks. Regis University’s online master’s degree programs offer IT professionals up-to-the-minute training that ensures future systems are designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive and private data at all times.

At Regis, you gain industry know-how in a learning environment built on the Jesuit vision of positive change. Learn the skills to make a difference in an increasingly technology-focused world and instill confidence in customers and organizations that their information will remain secure at all times.

Specializations are offered in:

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Utica College

Utica College provides professional education to individuals who desire to advance their expertise in managing corporate and technology resources while gaining a solid understanding of the growing challenge of responsible oversight for organizational cybersecurity policies.

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Learn more about some of our featured programs by hearing from students firsthand. One of the programs graduates valued her studies so much that she came back to teach the program.