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CyberSN, the largest cybersecurity staffing firm in the United States, has assembled a network of the most talented Cybersecurity/IT professionals to support the needs and challenges affecting your corporation.

Cyber Attacks Occur Every Millisecond

We are under attack. No not from aliens or even rogue governments but from malware, spyware, ransomware, and all other vulnerabilities within the world of technology. Every 21.6 seconds an organization experiences a cyberattack. Since January 2016 more than 4,000 ransomware attacks occur on a daily basis as reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It is estimated that by 2021 cybercrime damage will exceed over $6 trillion annually. At that pace, cybercrime will be the fastest growing crime in the United States, transferring the largest amount of economic wealth in history.

The Impact of Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

Due to the constant news reports of cybersecurity threats to some of the largest companies world-wide, most companies are beginning to take an aggressive approach in the hiring of Cybersecurity personnel. Frost & Sullivan reported that currently over 60 percent of organizations have too few information security professionals and the global cybersecurity workforce will have more than 1.5 million unfilled positions by 2020. However staffing managers are finding it difficult to maintain a cybersecurity department because:

  1. Few qualified candidates apply to fill open positions

  2. Incentives offered by other companies increase employee turnover

  3. Educational institutions are not preparing students for real-world scenarios

  4. Job postings are incorrectly matching skillsets to positions

  5. Searching for applicants with traditional technology credentials is no longer practical

Cybersecurity Professionals Are Here

It is no secret that advertising an accurate job posting will attract the right applicant for hire. But the language of cyber explained in a concise and correct manner can be difficult for many hiring managers to create. This frustration as well as the frustration of applicants to find the right job to apply for was the catalyst for the creation of CyberSN.

Cybersecurity Permanent Staffing ∙ Cybersecurity Contract or SOW Staffing ∙ Security and Software Sales Staffing

Job Building and Posting Services ∙ Strategy Consulting Package

CyberSN is a national cybersecurity staffing firm derived from the corporate staffing and software development expertise and experiences of Deidre Diamond. “My passion is to see that all humans get the opportunity to have choices to see all of the jobs they are qualified for in the marketplace.” Diamond also noted that the work of CyberSN is considerably more than just job placement, “Through our efforts, CyberSN is improving the work environment for thousands of corporations, while also reducing the amount of settling, which leads to depression, heartache, and eventual turnover.”

With a network of over 20,000 plus CyberSN is the only cyber recruitment company qualified to develop job advertisement, vet candidates, and provide staffing results in less than 24 hours. CyberSN is the proven leader for understanding what employers and applicants need and how to join them together.

Vulnerability to cyberattacks diminishes greatly when the right cybersecurity team is in place. To learn more about Cybersecurity, check out these articles from