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Hacker groups sometimes become infamous for their actions. Sometimes they intend to do good, known as white hat hackers, and other times they are out to make a point from their own perspective which often doesn’t seem so noble from the outside. The Lizard Squad falls into the latter category as they are known to stir up controversy. They have gained notoriety through DOS attacks, threats on airplanes, and even have claimed to be part of ISIS. Some of their major events and as well as its most well-known member, Julius Kivimaki, will be discussed below.

Playstation/Xbox Live Hack:
The Lizard Squad pulled no punches during Christmas 2014. They managed to take down the networks of PlayStation and Xbox live during what is obviously one of the busiest times of the year for either network (1). Their rampage didn’t stop there, the Lizard squad continued by going after one of Sony’s executives. They even managed to have his plane grounded after posting what appeared to be bomb threats on social media (1). If ever a group week looking to gain some attention, the Lizard Squad sure came in with a bang.

Maylasia Airlines Hack:
In January 2015, the Lizard Squad took up issue with Malaysia Airlines. The company had lost several airplanes in the preceding year. The Lizard Squad attacked their website and servers. They essentially redirected website traffic from the Malaysia site to another site where they requested Malaysia Airlines to ‘write the Lizard Squad on your forehead’ (2).What is bizarre about this attack is the Lizard Squad then claimed to be part of the Cyber Caliphate (2). Essentially they were linking themselves to ISIS. Whether this is true or not is still up for debate.

Julius “Zeekill” Kivimaki

Julius “Zeekill” Kivimaki is the most famous member of the lizard squad. Whether the truth will be completely known or not, Julius, was saddled with the blame for some of the Lizard Squads most notorious as incidents. He was charged with over 50,000 computer crimes in his home country of Finland (4). He was deemed to be responsible for these threats day grounded the American Airlines flight Sony executive. Julius however never faced any jail time. He received a 2 year suspended sentence and of course he was subjected to monitor the Internet usage (4). The outrage in response to his light sentence was quite profound. Many across the globe found it hard to understand how someone could be charged with over 50,000 crimes and yet have very little substance as far as actual penance. The fact that he was only 17 when charged and that most of the crimes he was charged with happened when he was only 15 likely had a major impact. Some of the victims even contemplated suing his parents though this never materialized.

The lizard squad is one of the most notorious hacker groups in recent history. Their blatant attacks sometimes leave more than just their victims puzzled. Though they sometimes display their immaturity, they certainly are effective with their efforts as in grounding an American Airlines plane. The age of their most Notorious member sheds some tremendous insight into their dealings as their juvenile nature lines up with the expected maturity of his age range. Given the early access humans now have to computer and digital devices, The Lizard Squad is likely an indication of what the world will likely see future hacker group incarnate as.

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