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As the holiday season approaches, many consumers are searching for great gifts. Why not give gifts that promote Cybersecurity for those who matter most? They may require a bit of a narrative to accompany them, however in the end these type of gifts are likely to be highly appreciated. Several useful cyber security promoting gifts will be explored below.

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive may seem like an odd gift to a person who is a digital novice, however to cyber security professionals this one would be a no brainer. Having an external hard drive allows someone to back up critical documents and files to a remote drive which is not susceptible to potential crashes. That aspect alone is worth the price of admission, however an advantage which may even be greater is the ability to store sensitive information completely offline on the external hard drive. While this doesn’t guarantee absolute safety as the contents of the hard drive will need to be accessed at some point, it puts the when and where of access in the users control while leaving cyber criminals out in the cold.

Chrome Book

No why would you want to give someone who has some incredible computers a chrome book? Or anyone for that matter? The answer is simple, the chrome book allows for the separation of Internet browsing and email access on different machines. Having a separate machine to access sensitive websites for things such as banking or investing or even a business helps insulates users from potential threats. The chrome book with low specs are all that is necessary for simple tasks. This leaves the elite machines in someone’s possession for elite tasks where caution can be much heavier and yet with this approach piece of mind can be abundant.

RFID Blocking Card

Cyber criminals are ruthless, they aren’t always just on the Internet. They are known to carry around concealed digital readers that snatch information from unsuspecting victims RFID chips on their credit cards. It’s scary to think it’s not even safe to walk out in public anymore, however this is the case in the current digital world. A RFID blocking card will jam the signals of any concealed digital readers in the area, and prevent cyber criminals from accessing credit card data. These cards are the same size as credit cards and simply fit right in a wallet or purse with the others. This tool can prevent a world of damage and often can be found at bargain prices. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to give a great gift with the RFID blocking cards.

Accountability Partner

It may be wise for this to be added in the card accompanying a gift, however sometimes simply agreeing to be someone’s cyber security accountability partner can make a huge difference. Everyone has a time is when they are less careful or a little sloppy with their activities. When giving someone one of the cyber security promoting gifts, offer to check in with them regularly on their security practices. Share tips with them and welcome theirs as well.


Cyber security promoting gives may not be on the top of everyone’s list, however they can be more valuable than extremely expensive items. One may never know the true value of having a major cyber-criminal event avoided, however it certainly better to be on the safe side of the equation. When you’re giving a gift, don’t hesitate to give a gift that promotes security in the cyber realm. The level of intelligence and sophistication demonstrated by such gift givers won’t go unnoticed.


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