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Cybersecurity Professional

Hiring Manager

Stuck in a job that you have been trying to get away from for months, maybe even years. Not finding any jobs in the market that match up to your duties or even remotely understands the complexities of cyber technology. Frustration setting in, just like many of your peers.

Just came out of a team meeting with the new task of setting up interviews to staff a new cybersecurity department. You are at a loss because the world of cyber security is foreign. It’s a daunting task that if executed poorly could make your company even more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

The Problem with Cybersecurity Job Advertisements

1. Clumping Jobs Together
A search over the leading recruitment platforms will yield job titles like Security Engineer, Security Analyst, Security Architect, Security Manager, and Security Consultant all return practically the same duties and performances.

2. Common Words Are Not Common In Cyber
If hiring managers do not know the vernacular of the cyber industry and are not willing to train hiring personnel then not only will you fail to get the best candidate but you will probably experience odd stares and uncomfortable questions. For example, advertising for a Senior Pen Tester may draw the ire of your boss, only to learn later that a Senior Pen Tester is a legal hacker that works to find security threats in web applications, networks and systems.

3. Cookie-Cutter

Cut, copy, and pasting from other posts to create your job description has major consequences. Consider the qualified applicant reading a job description that does not match industry standards, and contradicts job duties; surely he/she will not apply. A compelling job post is vital to attracting the right candidates so they can make an informed decision in order to match their needs to the companies.

The Solution for Cybersecurity Job Advertisements

Job Builder

Job Builder makes the lives of the professional candidate and hiring manager easier, more productive, and less stressful, by identifying the perfect match.

The first step in finding the right cybersecurity candidate is to go online to CyberSN Job Builder. In 24 hours or less the right applicant for your position will be in contact with your organization through Job Builder.

The Job Builder platform accurately matches cybersecurity applicants with jobs based on the exact job duties, classifications, and industry standards.

As a recruiter or hiring manager by going to you will submit a brief questionnaire to a dedicated CyberSN Human Services Manager that will immediately be in touch to identify your specific needs. Once your profile is developed the Job Builder platform will generate the appropriate job advertisement necessary to attract sophisticated IT, Cybersecurity, and Cybersecurity Sales Professionals. All job postings are optimized for advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Indeed, Twitter, email, and the web.

Job Builder benefits include:

  1. Job descriptions defined by projects and tasks

  2. Increased ad response

  3. Empowering your internal recruiters with comprehensive screening measures

  4. Simplifies the hiring process by ensuring all stakeholders understand the scope of duties

  5. Use as a 90 day, 6 month and one year review guideline

There are no signs that cyber criminals are limiting their talent pool. On the contrary, cybercriminals are becoming increasingly more organized and aggressive, while the teams defending against these attacks are struggling to fill their ranks.

The only way to truly combat this issue is to improve upon the process of hiring cybersecurity professionals. If you want to have the top 5 candidate’s profiles sitting on your desk by tomorrow morning, then contacting CyberSN Job Builder platform is your only option.

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