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Separate and Secure Social Media

Social media is an outlet for infinite amounts of sharing, communication and public information. Attackers can use various bits of information from your public social media profiles, everything from your birth date to where you went to school for damage. 

Due to the popularity and traffic on these platforms, separating personal life and professional life while managing your security are two important aspects you need to know. 

Social Media in the Corporate world

 According to the Harvard Business Review, 40% to 60% of hiring managers use social media as a tool to vet potential employees. With the billions of users on social media, it is common to find peer professional contacts online and accept their friend requests. It is because of this, the Harvard Business Review states that you can use either one of two methods: the Content strategy or the Custom strategy.

  • The Content strategy is a method used to carefully pick out content that is suitable for both their professional colleagues and family and friends to see. This method forces you to post in a way that can seem less carefree and genuine, becomes it entails professional revision.
  • The Custom strategy is a method used to categorize personal and professional into two different lists. In these two lists, you can post different content on each list so you are able to post what you want. Many professional journalists and public figures use this popular strategy.


How to Secure your Accounts

Ensuring your private information is kept secure can protect your banking information, media profiles and linked accounts from potential hackers. As the number of social media users grow, so does the chance of your private and seemingly secure information, falling into the wrong hands. According to Trend Micro, here are important steps to follow to keep your information safe:

  • Disable “Remember me” feature on a public or work computer 
  • Use different and complex passwords for your social media accounts. Enable two-factor Authentication when offered to restrict unauthorized parties from gaining access to your information 
  • Update security measures by keeping your mobile apps updated
  • Use a different email for your social media accounts, or create a new email just for social media. This is a way to prevent any access to valuable information if you are hacked
  • Avoid accessing your social media accounts on your work computer or shared computers
  • Always remember to logout of all accounts

Following these tips can improve your cyber security, maintain your professional reputation and allow you to still enjoy social media. Securing your digital life can make all the difference between disaster and prevention.