Cyber Crime Trends to Watch For

2017 was marked by the commonality of Healthcare breaches in line with retail breaches; increased spending on security services and automation, and IoT devices falling prey to cyberattacks. 2018 was predicted to have a rise in sophisticated cyberattacks, as stated by Forrester Research, a leading cyber research organizations. The following is a list of the [...]

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Top 7 Cyber Degrees & Certificates To Further Your Career in 2018

Tangible skills for entering the cybersecurity field are often not found in a degree program -- but the business, management, strategy and communication skills you need to complement those tactical abilities are. While it is possible to teach yourself some cybersecurity skills through books, websites, and online courses -- there are many benefits to pursuing [...]

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The Top Cyber Security Education Trends You Need to Know

Jessica Gulick has not only witnessed the cyber security industry's astonishing growth, she’s played an integral role in the development of the next era of its professionals. As the vice president of the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, a non-profit that empowers women to succeed in cyber careers, Jessica encourages women to build their technical skills [...]