Digital Warfare: Are State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks the Wave of the Future?

Countries have to do more than protect their borders these days; they have to protect their databases. State-sponsored cyber attacks are on the rise, and improving cybersecurity isn’t just about privacy — it’s about national security. It’s no secret that state-sponsored cyber attacks are prevalent throughout the world, and indications suggest they’re only going to increase. From Russia hacking into the Democratic [...]

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The Watch List: Everyday Cyber Security Threats

You don’t have to look far these days to find cyber security news of hackers, cyber criminals and other hostile agents successfully compromising computer networks and systems for their own benefit. Here's a look at some of the more common cyber security threats and how smart cyber security professionals counteract them to protect the organizations, users and [...]

Hacking as a Service in The Underground Economy

Contributed by Jeffrey Sebranek Gathering data is the gold rush of the 21st century, with Google/Alphabet Corp and Amazon leading the way in competing to create the largest database in history. These massive subscriber databases are consistently raising the already enormous valuations of these companies. The underground hacking economy has learned to follow suit in [...]

DNC Gets Hacked

Contributed by Jeffrey Sebranek The 2016 DNC Hacking Two nebulous Russian hacking organizations have recently infiltrated the network of the Democratic National Committee, making off with emails, chats and a cache of opposition research on presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump according to the DNC and cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike. The DNC learned of the hack [...]

The Changing Face of Cyber Attacks: How Organizations Can Remain Vigilant

A lot has changed since the Morris worm was launched from MIT in November 1988, when then Cornell grad student Robert Morris made headlines for releasing one of the first Internet worms. Though this supposedly wasn’t an intentional attack, it still ended up causing between $100,000 and $10 million damage and resulted in Morris being [...]

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

In this age of rapidly expanding technology, where the hacker persists one step ahead of the cybersecurity curve, business email compromise (BEC) remains a low-tech but highly lucrative card in the cyber criminal deck. According to an alert issued by the FBI, over the past two years internet swindlers have managed to pilfer $2.3 billion [...]