How Vulnerable Are Your Mobile Devices?

The rise of cyber crime over the past decade has made organizations of all types nervous, but there’s another area that shouldn’t be left untouched –mobile security.Defending against attacks on smartphones and other mobile devices is an important part of network security – and anyone concerned about cyber crime needs to know what’s happening in this space as well.With so many cyber attacks [...]

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Top Cybersecurity Jobs in Demand

With a projected talent gap expected to reach 2 million by 2019, industry experts and analysts are scrambling to fill key cybersecurity positions amid advances in cyberattacks. According to Stephen Zafarino, senior director of recruiting at Mondo, "It definitely can be a challenge—demand is extremely high, and supply is very low, so it's a candidate's market". [...]

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Top Paying Cybersecurity Certifications

What certification will give you the most bang for your buck and ensure quick vertical mobility up the corporate ladder? Global Knowledge’s IT Skills and Salary survey addresses that question by reviewing certifications that had a corresponding exam and received at least 115 survey responses. If you are looking to specialize your skillset and [...]

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6 Key Cybersecurity Influencers

Look through most lists of influential cybersecurity experts and chances are the names will belong to those working in the technical trenches: the analysts, engineers, and consultants working to beat cyberattacks around the country. Yet we should also consider thought leaders, media and press, and information security governance experts, as well as, the hands-on practitioners. Here are [...]

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Jumpstarting a Career in Cybersecurity: Expert Advice

To open the door to a lucrative career in cybersecurity, the consensus is you’ll need some form of a degree. Beyond that, the routes to various roles vary widely. Three cybersecurity experts in particular have forged very different career paths. Lesley Carhart leads the security incident response team at Motorola Solutions; Daniel Miessler is the client advisory [...]

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How Secure is Too Secure? Is There Such a Thing?

With such precision focus on cyber security among businesses over the past several years, it’s understandable that many are taking security to a new level. But what happens when passwords, authentication, and other methods become too cumbersome? Can there actually be such a thing as too much security – or should businesses always err on the side of caution? [...]

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Differences Between Public and Private Sector Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber security is a growing field, given that all businesses and government agencies need to keep their data safe. Well-trained professionals will find opportunities in both the public sector and private sector, but there are distinct differences between the two. As cyber threats continue to increase in number, so do cyber security jobs. Cyber security experts are needed in both the public [...]

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Cyber Crime Trends to Watch for in 2018

Cyber crime isn’t likely to let up in 2018; industry experts predict it will only increase. Ransomware attacks, hacking of items in the Internet of Things (IoT)– internet-enabled devices attached to common objects, including consumer electronics (such as fitness monitors) and industrial machines – and credential theft will continue to be key methods for hackers. Given this activity, cyber security spending is likely to increase and, [...]

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