4 Top High-paying Jobs in Cybersecurity

With more than a billion identities exposed through data breaches, there’s never been a greater need for cybersecurity experts. Which means companies are looking to fill cybersecurity jobs to fill. As a new report from security firm Symantec highlights, cyberattackers are using more sophisticated methods to breach defenses, and increasingly making a very comfortable living. When people [...]

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6 Specialized Cybersecurity Roles

There’s a serious skills gap in the information security industry. Cybersecurity specialists are hard to come by, causing a major talent shortage in the U.S. To give one example, technology industry data firm CyberSeek estimates that of 128,000 information security analyst openings across the country, only 88,000 are filled. That’s 40,000 empty seats in one of the cybersecurity’s most-advertised [...]

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Is the CISO the Most Important C-Suite Role?

As cyber security is becomes an increasingly important issue in all industries, so does the role of the chief information security officer (CISO). In 2015, 79 percent of businesses detected a security incident, and there has been a 110 percent increase each year in denial-of-service cyberattacks. Data breaches are putting a dent in businesses’ bottom line, [...]

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